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Me by WriteEscape Me :iconwriteescape:WriteEscape 1 1
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It's never enough :iconwriteescape:WriteEscape 2 8
There is more to life then...
There is more to life then arguments
There will always be some part of us that wants to prove that we're not like our parents or other people who control us. In the western world we have free speech but for some of the other countries out there that don't have this luxury. Just think for a minute or two what it would be like to not being able to express yourself. The issue with all of this is we cannot be able to understand what it is like to not have free speech since we've always had it.
My point is that although we're highly interested in the oil these countries has or the other resources that they offer to us. Sometimes the fact in order to have rich we must therefore have poor and sadly. Most of us are unaware of just why some of the African countries are so poor, and the chilling fact is that the reason they are poor is we don't give them the money they deserve for the materials and goods that they provide.
Please comment below if you think i'm wrong.
:iconwriteescape:WriteEscape 2 3
Hotel Sued for Using DDS
Hotel Sued for Using Dewey Decimal System
So I found this online:
The Library Hotel in New York is based on a cute conceit: "Each of the 10 guestrooms floors honors one of the 10 categories of the [Dewey Decimal System] and each of the 60 rooms is uniquely adorned with a collection of books and art exploring a distinctive topic within the category or floor it belongs to."
Too bad the hotel didn't check with the Dewey Decimal System's owners: the Online Computer Library Center. Now the OCLC is suing the Library Hotel for trademark infringement. Fortunately, the OCLC is willing to back down--if the hotel is willing to enter into a licensing agreement. (The OCLC will give the same answer if you ask them whether you can use the Dewey Decimal System on your website.)
My instant reaction was what has this world come to, yes people own rights to things, yes the DDS is used by every library known to man. They're only suing them because they want some money for a license to use
:iconwriteescape:WriteEscape 0 1
X factor drug factor
Over the years many people have won the X factor or similar programs. The ex-contestants are thrown quite violently up in fame some of them, will grow wings and learn to fly but sadly most of them just turn to drink and experiment with drugs. Most of them are only famous for a short period of time and fail to get much work from that point on.
The shows are not the problem is what happens after it that is. The reality T.V shows are overwhelming the TV guide.
Now, i'm sure many people don't like watching the same shows that I find interesting. Now the topic that a friend of mine gave me was about how X factor and similar shows damage lives afterwards.
:iconwriteescape:WriteEscape 4 0
Bullying based on orientation
So, i just realised that today is Spirit Day. Many hundreds of people commit suicide each year because of the bullying they face from their peers. The issue is largely pushed under the rug. I know many bisexual people.
People get bullied for a lot of reasons many people commit suicide because of getting bullied. Sadly they see it as their only escape, they're wrong. Many people have survived being bullied.
Bullying over orientation is worse then normal bullying, due to the person already feeling alone and that no one understands.
It's horrible and writing this article has made me realise that there really isn't enough support out there for these people. Or for anyone who is getting bullied.
My own attempted suicide made me realise that i was loved by god and the people around me. But some people don't have the support network that faith gives me. I just hope that everyone gets the support they need and if they don't there are plenty of websites and communities out there to help them.
:iconwriteescape:WriteEscape 3 4
Controversial Games?
Over the years, computer games have blown apart much of the world by that I mean, virtually blowing them up. I don't mean like in the film Wargames where the world was nearly blown up.
Does Violent games make violent people
No, it doesn't make them, it doesn't help though, but people who play these sorts of games open themselves up to the blood and gore and content. I've just finished a horror role playing game which I must say that I was rather jumpy and the content of it made my skin crawl, but as a Horror junkie I felt that the content of the game and the wonderful engine that it uses would make any real gamer get sucked into it.
Should some games be banned for Political reasons
No, there are lots of games that take place in world war two and if these games are acceptable to play without second thought about upsetting those who experienced it first hand then, it shouldn't matter that the new games are dealing with current issues.
Are Shoot 'em up games helping the M
:iconwriteescape:WriteEscape 5 6
Single Sex Schools?
I've been to many schools in my life, and my last Secondary School was an all boys school. Now, I'm sure that the girls enjoy being on their own without the distraction of the guys. But after being in a school where both genders can study together, I do not think that single sex schools offer anything that normal comprehensive schools do.
Now, i've never experienced an all girls school, but i'm sure that the cat fights if not caused by guys at the school are caused by the guys who are dating the girls at the school.
An all boys school is similar in the way that the aroma of the corridors smells like someone had emptied a lorry load of deodorant for every four metres. Compulsory Education made me want to skip school/ play truant, because i had to be there. The problem is, looking back, now i am unemployable and i survive on very little money.  
But, Single sex schools means you can relax around your class friends and have a better chance of learning. Notice that I wrote chance
:iconwriteescape:WriteEscape 3 25
Creationism in Public Schools?
First off Creationism is when a group of people teach that humans were created in the same way as it is written in the bible.
As a Christian, i can tell you that Charles Darwin is right, and the bible should never be taken literally. It's full of things that the writer couldn't explain.
the creation of the human race is one of these things.
But as for it being taught at schools. I think it shouldn't be because when the person leaves higher education and tries to take a job in any industry that is related to evolution.
:iconwriteescape:WriteEscape 2 13
Should anorexics be forced fed
So, i was reading a novel but i wont tell you which one, because i dont believe in giving negative reviews. In this novel, one of the character's was force fed, due to her anorexia. So i went and did some research into if this was true or not. To my amazement it's true, doctors have the legal right to force feed a patient. even if that patient then forces themselves to be sick.
It's sad but true. The best thing that the patent can do, or anyone with eating disorders, is they can have set meal times. This will help them remember to eat properly.
:iconwriteescape:WriteEscape 2 5
Alcoholic at 15?
Children who are as young as 8 can have a drink with a meal here in the UK. But by 13 some children are getting alcohol and are making life hell for all of those around them.
Some parents buy alcohol for their children, or they leave the cupboard where the alcohol is unlocked or in a place that can be got to easily. When children are growing up parents move all of the cleaning products out of reach when babies are crawling and walking. Why oh why can't they do the same with alcohol.
By sixteen most children have already got used to alcohol to the point that bars and pubs have to ID people if they look under 21, realistically bars and clubs are doing what they can to solve this problem.
But, what about the alcohol producing companies. They produce some really potent (strong) beer that just one can of it, is double the weekly allowance of alcohol for a man.
I just think it's sad to see so many children drinking alcohol around town.
Maybe this is just me getting old, maybe it is, maybe it
:iconwriteescape:WriteEscape 2 10
Contraception at Schools?
So, i was talking to a few of my friends who are still at school, and apparently they are giving out condoms in some secondary schools (high schools) to students over the age of twelve.
My first problem with this it's illegal to have sex before your sixteen and more importantly just because it suddenly becomes legal does not mean you have to have it then and there. You can wait until your ready.
My second problem is Parent's should know what their children are doing any all times. And yes, i know it will make you upset. but looking back on it, I know that if i could go back to my childhood and i sat down to talk to my parents, i'ld be able to tell them what i was doing. and they would trust me to this day... sadly due to the spider webb of lies i told at a young age most of my friends have to ask me if i'm lying or not.
:iconwriteescape:WriteEscape 3 11
Should schools have uniform?
I think that allowing pupils to wear casual wear at school sends them a wrong signal when they leave the comfort of school and head out in the big wide world.
Now if you've always worn what you felt like, and then had to change into a set uniform, you might not feel comfortable, but tough. If life was easy, it wouldn't be worth living. Yes there are challenges, and no you might not like what you do, but none of us truly like change if we're honest.
In short, uniforms allow everyone to have the opportunity to be treated the same. I'm not saying that bullying doesn't happen, because it does, everywhere. Just read my other posts.
:iconwriteescape:WriteEscape 5 15
The Great Firewall of china
As many may know, China monitors websites and monitors all activity not just from within China but all instant messaging and blogs that the rest of the world apart from China has access to.
my argument is more about how governments can control what websites a person can have access to, in a similar fashion as the internet service provider can limit or boost your internet connection. Don't believe me? watch any advert about internet speeds, and you'll see the words "up to" in small print.
My problem with China limiting access to the internet is that modern economy and modern life as we know it only works because of the internet. I could write up a list of things that many of you might think were not connected to the internet but if you were to look deep at the inner workings of these items, you'd be able to understand why they're connected to the internet.
Anything that is related to the stock market, is controlled by a computer. International phone calls, or just phone calls in general
:iconwriteescape:WriteEscape 2 0
Sex Ed. for preteens?
In recent years the age that the youth of today get to know about the birds and the bees has gone down from the age of sixteen when i was at school to the present age of twelve or even younger.
The problem is, that younger and younger people are watching pornography, even though most websites have warnings about the age of consent and other features. Many of the youth of today know how to access such websites without too much trouble.
Their parents don't know half of what their children are doing online. Finding out about sex too early will lead to experimentation and this sometimes leads towards under-age sex. Under-age sex can lead to unwanted pregnancies and can in turn lead to unwanted and unloved children.
The issue of learning about sex at a young age frightens me, and I'm twenty four. I'm thinking about settling down and having a family of my own. I don't want my own potential children learning about the birds and the bees before I have the awkward conversation with them.
:iconwriteescape:WriteEscape 1 11
Where has our childhood gone?
Over the years, one pieces have been replaced with bikinis, people's perspective of sexiness is stemmed from the modelling agencies and more importantly the industries that survive on the sale of clothing.
Many young girls from twelve and up wear clothes that do not do anything but try and make themselves look attractive.  The problem is of course that the more people get used to wearing clothes that simply do not cover what they need to.
When the child becomes an adult they struggle to become a worthwhile member of society. I'm not saying that wearing clothes that make you feel attractive is a bad thing, i'm just saying, look at what your wearing, ask for the other gender's point of view.
If your parent's say "your not leaving the house like that" or words to that affect they are saying it, most of the time, to protect you.
Yes this might annoy you, or make you upset. But looking older then you are, only leads to trouble.
:iconwriteescape:WriteEscape 7 14

Random Favourites

A funeral
It's a grave site. But only one figure bears hollow eyed grief of the grieving. There is no eulogy of painful farewells to the dearly departed, just the quiet murmuring of the crowd, their tired eyes finally finding some resolve. For them it was finally over; for her it had only begun.
A single white lily with falls from her hand, tumbling until it soundlessly rests on the oaken casket. Every tired eye following the descending sentiment into the gaping wounded ground. "Sorry." A single word never spoken and that had been left behind. Sorry that you left, or sorry for what you left behind? She asks in sorrowed silence. No one would answer, even if they could hear. There were no answers.  Only a bitter silence, broken by a whispering wind, moaning over the many marble markers of healing scars.
She shivers from the absent warmth of the fall miser sun, in the steel gray sky. Could you have caused all this? She asks, lusterless eyes gazing at the broken crowd. Could yo
:iconladykylin:LadyKylin 2 8
dA Literary Chat Room Now Hosted by incluye!
After the recent unexpected closing of #QuillCafe, it's moderators and members have regathered in the new writers chat room
Come join in the community of dA Writers!
Upon entrance, contact an administrator with what kind of writer you are or written works you have so they can promote you a corresponding title
:iconablondmoment:aBlondMoment 93 15
You Could Love
You Could Love
I am the one who knows
Everything you hate
And everyone you try to love
I am the one who knows
all you love
And all you live for
I am the one who cries
In the middle of the darkness
Once I know I will never disguise
Who I really am for you
I am the one who cries
Over nothing but the pain in my chest
That dark, devilish think that only flies
On the days you see me at your side
I am the one who would lie
Just to have you here, at my side
To be my knight in armour so bright
I am the one who lies
Everything me heart screams, my mind denies.
Are we meant forever?
Would you give everything for me, as I would you?
Do we even share anything in out hearts?
Would you cry if I were to die tomorrow?
Would you lie for my life?
Would you heal the scars you made, even though,
You don't know you made them?
Could you even see my hand with yours?
Could you bear to hold me tightly?
Could you ease my suffering?
But--deep in the black hole you yourself bore in my chest,
There are whispered w
:iconcowgirlke:cowgirlke 7 8
Fablehaven fanfic ch. 1
Fablehaven: The Secrets of the Dragon Queen
Kendra and Seth were on a plane on their way to Canada. Their grandfather, Stan Sorenson, accompanied them. Along with Grandma and Grandpa Larsen, Warren, and Tanu. They were all assembling for a new meeting with The Knights of The dawn.
Seth was excited about his first real meeting with The Knights of the Dawn. He hasn't been to Canada since he had to visit the Hall of Death to retrieve The Sword of Light and Darkness.
Kendra on the other hand knew that this was important if there was a meeting going on. Kendra thought it would be in Canada but she guess had to be somewhere the Society of Evening Star wouldn't think about spying at.
"So what this meeting about?" Seth asked his Grandfather Sorenson.
"You'll see, no one else knows the true reason for this meeting other than me, it's very important this doesn't get discussed anywhere else, I'm not even too keen on doing this with a formal meeting." Grandfather Sorenson said.
:iconcancerbabe:CancerBabe 14 17
The fell drumming of my heart,
Edged me closer to the quay-side,
Drawn to a lonely place, to sit and contemplate.
When my eyes were torn from the moment,
And saw a ship come sailing by.
The prow was long and ended in a
Figurehead of a great Wyrm,
Snarling at a foe.
The Viking-ship then rowed by, the sound of the oars beating on the water like drummers,
Sounding the executioner’s knell.
The Bowsprit split the water ahead,
Speeding the boat towards the mist,
Great bards and their chronicles,
Had once told of this sight, the old memories came,
Of war and peace of life and death,
The Vikings rode to war.
Of Byrhtnoth and the Saxons,
The heat of the August sun,
A thousand years ago, upon a thousand necks.
The Black waters of the river,
Tolled down below the quay.
The Vikings took their place,
Tryggvason lead them to,
The massacre of Byrhtnoth
And his 200 men.
The Cries of death ricocheted
Through my head,
The drop of axe-blade, sword and twang of bow,
Were chained in ancient history, b
:iconrathunta:Rathunta 3 4
The sound of the wild
The sound of the wild calls out,
Rings a plaintive cry,
We are hungry,
We must eat.
We will hunt.
Paws first, head hung low,
Hear the crackle of the morning snow,
The deer feel our presence like,
A shadow; or fish among a pike.
We watch them.
They know we are here.
They stand stock-still, ready to run if need decrees.
We are here.
We are coming
A young buck leads the flight,
With the rest soon behind,
We are of the old order,
It's Kill or Die.
They run, we assess their strengths,
And weaknesses. A limp or fracture
gives us a meal.
We saw him, foolish Hart. Thought he could escape, but
Our tribe is smarter than a limp in rut.
Run, Run, keep running, don't stop!
You have them in your sights and claws!
Don't waste a second for the teeth to drop!
Lax hunters feed no maws!
One of our tribe, Hang-claw, is a smart sort.
He cuts across the path of Stag,
He's separated now's our chance,
We have at last food in our grasp.
Leap, Leap, Bring him down!
We have no time to fool around,
Kill him now,
:iconrathunta:Rathunta 3 2
No Tears
   No matter what no tears will come
    Not even if i die
   Not even when a relative dies
   Not even when i have my first breakup
    Not even when i get hurt
I will not cry until i need to
Tears do nothing but get in the way
Tears dont fix things
Tears cant cure me
Not even if i get hit
Until i can feel the happiness i once had
No Tears will come
:icondianavam:dianavam 2 0
Kristina by Marissa-Emily Kristina :iconmarissa-emily:Marissa-Emily 21 22 Elven queen coloured 2 by aragornsgirl333 Elven queen coloured 2 :iconaragornsgirl333:aragornsgirl333 2 1 Warg by Rathunta Warg :iconrathunta:Rathunta 5 2


Over the years i've managed my depression, but recently i've noticed that i'm drinking alot more. talking to alot less people.

if it wasn't for Del, Lisim and Ama i would of let my depression take hold.

Recently, I've been going through my contact lists on my messengers and removing those who i either dont know or cant remember meeting.

If i dont hear from someone in more then 5months i remove them.
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